Gore Park

Gore Park Pedestrianization Initiative

David asked a good question on twitter that requires more than 140 characters in response: Why are delivery vehicles allowed on the south leg of King between Hughson & James?

Well, in general, our original objective was to limit deliveries to outside of the promenade hours, then completely close the road to traffic during event times. This became operationally challenging, requiring staff to set up and remove barricades daily, as well as trying to ensure any parked vehicles would be cleared prior to the promenade hours. Not easily enforced. There was also the complication that emergency vehicles should also be granted access 24/7 so barriers would need to be designed to be easily moved in the event of an emergency. Finally, restricting deliveries to certain times of day did not work for all of the businesses, so the compromise was to install a sign at Hughson stating access for deliveries and emergency vehicles only. Planters, the ramp, and pedestrian activity are all part of the plan to make this space inconvenient for vehicles, while still allowing for deliveries that absolutely have to occur. We hope, as the summer progresses, delivery drivers will begin to understand the best times of day for ease of access.

Gore Park Summer Promenade

Gore Park Summer Promenade
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