Downtown Development

Charging stations at the York Parkade

These will be the first Electric Vehicle stations (EV) located downtown, enabling electric vehicle owners to plug in for free.

Fast facts & Benefits of EVs and Charging Stations:

• Hamilton has approximately seven EV charging locations across the City (each location has one – ten charging stations).

• Hamilton is home to one of Canada’s largest EV Associations; the Golden Horseshoe Electric Vehicle Association (GHEVA).

• EVs offer obvious environmental benefits such as less air pollution.

• Electric Vehicles also provide economic benefits for individuals because of their lower cost to operate – for example – the cost to charge an electric vehicle overnight is a little more than the cost of a cup of coffee.

• Charging stations and EVs produce economic benefits that come from locally produced hydro and infrastructure building.

Two electric charging stations have been installed by Sun Country Highway in the York Blvd. parkade in anticipation of the growth of elecric vehicles in the coming years.

In this video, Christopher Misch, vice-president of Sun Country, demonstrates how to fill up your electric vehicle at the new station.

– some direct information provided by the Hamilton Spectator.

Councillors Launch Complete Street Study Group for Cannon, Queen

Hamiltonians are invited to walk Cannon and Queen and plan their conversion from one-way thoroughfares into complete streets.

Hamilton City Councillors Jason Farr and Brian McHattie seek a broad group of community stakeholders to help study the conversion of Cannon Street and Queen Street into complete streets.

In September, City Council approved a two-way conversion study group that would start with Queen and Cannon. Council also approved a “grassroots” environmental assessment (EA), undertaken by a broad mix of community stakeholders, that would enhance and expand the formal EA.

Volunteers will walk the streets directly, noting opportunities and issues with their planned conversion into more livable streets that balance different modes of transportation.

Establishment of a Ward 1, Ward 2 and Ward 3 One-Way to Two-Way Street Study Group (Item 9.1) (September 12, 2012, approved Item 11 of General Issues Committee Report 12-022)

Whereas there are over 100 one-way streets remaining in Hamilton;

And Whereas increasingly, there appears to be a strong convergence of public opinion in Hamilton in favour of converting one way street conversion to benefit adjacent retail businesses, slow traffic, improve pedestrian movements, and generally increase liveability in neighbourhoods, especially in Downtown Hamilton;

And whereas the 2008 City of Hamilton Transportation Master Plan included recommendations on a number of one-way street conversions, which have not yet taken place;

And Whereas the one-way street conversions that have taken place (James/John, York/Wilson, Caroline, Hess and Park to be completed soon) have been successful;

And Whereas City staff is generally supportive of one-way conversions, but require strong and unequivocal political support to move ahead with adequate financial resources;

And Whereas, the majority of one-way streets exist in Wards 1 and 2.

Therefore be it resolved:

  1. That a Ward 1, Ward 2 and Ward 3 – One-Way to Two-Way Street Study Group be established to study and report on possible one-way street conversions in the downtown area, specifically Cannon Street and Queen Street, to inform the requisite environmental assessments;
  2. That staff be directed to prepare a budget for the Study for consideration during the 2013 budget process;
  3. That membership of the Study Group consist of the Ward 1, Ward 2 and Ward 3 Councillors and appropriate Public Works staff, and include public consultation with interested individuals and groups including neighbourhood associations, affected residents, Business Improvement Areas and other commercial users, and other interested City Councillors;
  4. That staff be directed to investigate and report back on a reverse flow model.

Sub-section (4) of the recommendations has been placed on the Committee’s outstanding business list until such time as staff has presented the requested report.

Notice of Motion – Area Rating Allocations – UPDATED

The following are recommendations for discretionary funding as per the Area Rating allocations for Ward 2. Much of these projects are the result of interaction with your neighbourhood association.

Please download the full motion here:
Notice of Motion – Ward 2 – Sept 6th 2012 GIC

Here are the Appended changes, approved by City Council on September 12, 2012 -Item 12 of General Issues Committee Report 12-022:

(a) That Appendix “B” to Report FCS12024(a) respecting Area Rating Capital Re-Investment Reserves – 2012 Projects, approved by Council on August 16, 2012 as Item 13 of General Issues Committee Report 12-021, be amended by adding the following Capital projects attached hereto as Appendices B-ii to B-xiv, (attached hereto as Appendix “D” and listed below;


(b) That subject to approval of (a), that the capital projects outlined in Appendices B-ii to B-xiii be funded by the Ward 2 Area Capital Special Re-Investment Reserve # 108052;
(c) That subject to approval of (a) and (b), that the operating impacts of the Area Rating Special Capital Re-investment Reserves 2012 Projects as listed in Appendices B-ii, B-iii, B-ix and B-x, amounting to $12,000 annually when fully implemented, be approved and incorporated into future Tax-Supported Operating Budgets;
(d) That subject to approval of (a) and (b), the Capital projects, as outlined in Appendices B-ii to B-xiv, be approved and subsequently created;
(e) That subject to the approval of (a) and (b), that the General Manager of Public Works be authorized to prepare, advertise and award tenders as required for the works approved in Appendices B-ii to B-xiv;
(f) That an appropriate by-law to amend the City of Hamilton Traffic By-law 01-215, relating to projects outlined in Appendices B-ix and B-x, be passed.

Please Click Here to View Changes to the Agenda.

Jackson Square is pleased to announce the arrival of a full service supermarket in downtown Hamilton

Nations Fresh Food will be opening a major new supermarket in Jackson Square Mall in the Spring of 2013. The store will be located at the West end of the mall, near the intersection of Bay and Market Streets. Nations will open a full service supermarket, providing an excellent multi-ethnic fresh food shopping experience.

This 55,000 square feet supermarket, owned by the Ocean’s Fresh Food Group, will be the largest in the chain and the second to operate under the Nations banner. The store will feature foods of the world under one roof, a large fresh fish market, meat and deli counters, extensive fruit and vegetable markets, a large salad bar, in-store bakery and international prepared foods for eat-in and take-out.

This new full service supermarket represents a key missing piece in the puzzle of downtown renewal. Nations Fresh Food will provide a necessary service in the heart of the City, and will promote further residential development in and around the core.

“With every aisle, this new supermarket enhances downtown living. I have been following the progress of this major initiative for some time and it is great to finally share in the wonderful news. Through investments and partnerships like this, time and again, Yale has proven they are committed to downtown revitalization and I commend them for seeing this through.”
– Councillor Jason Farr

Everyday low prices, combined with a wide product selection will make Nations a destination for all grocery shoppers. People living in downtown Hamilton will now be able to easily walk or take transit for all of their grocery shopping. Also, downtown office workers will be able to pick-up either a quick take-out dinner or do their weekly grocery shopping before heading home.

The Hamilton Farmers Market will directly benefit from having a full service supermarket in close proximity. This symbiotic relationship will allow shoppers a “one-stop” grocery experience, combining buying weekly staples with buying wonderful fresh, local foods from the regions best farmers market. This combination will create a new destination for fresh food in the heart of City.

Jackson Square will be investing significant capital improvements to prepare for the arrival of Nations, including new elevators which will allow easy access from the mall to our ample, convenient underground parking. Combined with the fact that Nations will be building an entirely new store, the total new investment in Hamilton will be in excess of seven million dollars ($7,000,000.00). Once open, Nations will employ in excess of 200 people.

Now in its 40th year, Jackson Square has always been the heart and soul of downtown Hamilton. A new energy has come to the mall, with expansions and new stores over the last year. The mall vacancy is now under 10%, and discussions are currently underway with a number of new retailers.

We are certain that securing the lease with Nations Fresh Food will act as a catalyst for downtown renewal and redevelopment. As a long standing corporate partner, Jackson Square is proud to make this important contribution to the renewal of downtown Hamilton.

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