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 Thank you to the 125 residents (and counting) who have taken the time to express their support for a two-way bike lane along Cannon Street. It is a terrific idea.

I am confident that many of those who have joined the campaign are aware of the Council’s decision for Queen Street/Cannon Street Study Group. Generally, those volunteers involved in this group are interested in calming Cannon Street, with an emphasis on pedestrians and families who live nearby. No doubt a two-way bike lane, would go a long way in changing the highway feel on this urban arterial.

On Saturday, April 27th, at 10 a.m. about 20 residents, who had previously signed up for the Cannon Street walk-about (after our Town Hall at City Hall) gathered at Dr. Davey Community Centre. The group discussed the method of gathering ideas, then broke into four groups and walked the street from Victoria to Bay (approximately).

Each group had a member with a smart phone inputting ideas into a web survey


  • 6 refer to sign changes
  • 63 refer to “other” changes that encompass everything from bump-outs, trees, parking, and sidewalks

Given the passionate Yes We Cannon emails that have come foreword over the past few days, I thought you would find this information of interest.

If you are not already involved in the Study Group(s), it is not too late to do so!!

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