Ice Skating Contest Winners

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Dr. Davey School

“Dear Jason Farr,

I would like a new pair of skates because I want to learn how to skate. When I learn I want to teach other kids and some day want to be a hockey player. I really really want a pair of skates because my parents can’t afford them.

I have been waiting along time to get a pair and every year my parents don’t have enough money. It makes me sad when I see my friends skating without me and skating looks fun. But I don’t know how that feels because I don’t have a pair of skates.

When I get a pair of skates, I want to learn alot of different tricks. Then I would like to have my own class and teach young kids and teens how to play hockey. If you give me a pair of skates I will go to an ice rink every weekend and practice till I get good at it. I really, really want a pair of skates It would make me really happy if I had a pair.

Sincerely, Sheila”

– Sheila, Grade 6

“Dear Mr. Farr,

Hi I am Dylon ***** a grade 6 student at Dr. Davey school.

I would appreciate skates because I could teach my little brother how to skate.

Reasons why I would want skates because Ill try to practice more to get in competetive tournament. Also with my new Kenesky skates I will go skating every weekend that is if I win.

Also some stuff that I can teach my brother is freestyle skating, how to skate, and show him his mystakes that he makes.

Some stuff that I need to practice is jumping, speed skating, and spinning.

I would appreciate the skates if I won.

Thank you for letting our school participate.

Sincerely, Dylon”

– Dylon, Grade 6

“Dear Mr.Farr,

My name is Laura ***** i’m 10 years old.

I go to Dr. Davey school.

I would like to get a new pair of Kenesky Skates because I love to go skating with my uncle but he don’t have a pair of skates.

So if I won the pair of skate’s I would give them to my uncle Chris.

My uncle would be so proud of me if I won a $50 par of skate’s.

If I win my freind’s family, teacher will all be proud.

This is why I would love to get a new air of Kenesky’s skate for my uncle Chris.

Sincerely, Laura”

– Laura, age 10

“Dear friend,

I am so happy to get a new pair of skates. I would love to get them. I am such a good skater, but I still need to practest. I lost my pair of skates when I moved to my new house, I am 7 years old is that for the kind of chillderen to go and skate on the copps coliseum.

Thank you for giving us new pair of skates.

Sincerely, Brianna *********

p.s. I’ve skated before.

p.p.s. There are snacks.”

– Brianna, age 7

Central School

“Dear Councillor Mr. Farr

I could use a new pair of Kenesky’s skates because:

  1. I already know how to skate.
  2. My feet out grew my old ones and if i got a new pair i could skate again.
  3. It could be a late birthday present for me.

If I won the skates I would:

  1. Go to an indoor skating rink.
  2. Practice to become better.
  3. Learn to do different kinds of skating (e.g. figue skating, speed skating, ect)

With those skates I could:

  1. Go skating at the amazing Durand Park.
  2. Get better than I am right now.
  3. I could show my brother how to skate.

Grade 3 student, Stas

p.s I’m a size 6”

– Stas, grade 3

“If I had skates I would use them to skate. I could use them for very hard tricks. I could use them to do a figure eight. I could use them for skating fast. I could use them for dancing on ice. I have skates and they are fun to use. I can make good figure eights. I love to skate it is very fun. I can skate very very fast. I want to play hockey. I love love love love love love hockey. I really love skating. It is very fun. I can speed skate. I can play hockey. I am a very good skate. I am a champion of skating. I can take skating lessons. Once I went skate and it was fun. I can play hock very good. I could use skates to skate. I take skating lessons.”

– Caleb, Grade 2

“Dear Mr. Farr,

If I could learn how to skate I know my life would be more active. During the winter months I don’t generally go outside to play.

This winter by my house there was an ice rink built. It looked so awesome I ran across it. I only wished I could have had a pair of ice skates that day. When I was younger my mommy took me out on my first pair of skates. I kept falling all the time and mommy would say your butt is too heavy for skates! I never wanted to go on them after that until I run across the ice rink.

I asked my mom for money to buy them but she says we don’t have the money to pay for them. So that is why I’m entering my chance to win the pair of ice skates.

Did you know that the first pair of ice skates were made of animal bones!

Secondly, did you know that the first pair of metal ice skates were found in scandinavia!

I think skating would be fun for me and my whole family. My mom knows how to skate but she can’t seem to teach anyone else.

I just recently went to a bulldogs game where I sang with our school choir. I likes watching the whole game of hockey with my family. We had an awesome time. I hope we go again sometime.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerey, Kennedy.

p.s. have you ever thought that there are 4 different kinds of skates?

  1. Hockey
  2. Figure
  3. Speed Skates
  4. Double Edge”

“Dear Mr. Farr and Mr. Eklund,

I would like the skates because I can spend more time with my dad. I would want to earn from my dad by holding on to his arm and letting go. After I can skate I can be able to glide and play hockey on the ice. It would be important to me because I would know how to skate in case I ever had a chance to play on a team. I might become a famous hockey goalie that plays on the Washington Capitals! Perhaps I could invite you to a game in Washington!

The futures best goalie, Aidan”

Bennetto School

“Hello I would like to win the skates because I only went skating once and only went fast once and sold the skates and now I don’t have any more. If I won I would feel super happy. From Eric.”

– Eric, Grade 1

“Hello I would like to win skates because I know how to play hockey.”

– Jordan, Grade 1

“Hello, my name is Ravyne ****** and I would like to win a pair of ice skates. I have a pair of my own parents bought me 2 Christmases ago and so you could imagine how small they must be on me now. My family and I go ice skating quite often, and so you could see my dilemma, playing games with them, etc, isn’t easy when your skates do not fit properly and your feet get colder, quicker and more severely. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. Ravyne”

– Ravyne, class 72

“Dear Jason Farr,

One reason I feel I deserve ice skates is because of my mom. I can remember her telling me a story about her first pair of ice skates. Being from Jamaica, her mother didn’t think she needed to ice skate. Her mother was a single mother and did not have much money. My mom got a pair of skates from her friend. She said they were too small ad the blades were so dull. She would go to the skating rink and watch other people skate, then try learning from them. Eventually she taught herself to ice skate, just hearing that story I decided I want ice skates too. I would love to be a professional skates one day. I have the drive and determination it’s something I love to do, and it will also help keep me fit. I would love to go skating with my friends, but my mom can’t afford to buy me skates. Therefore, I can just sit on the sideline and watch everyone else skate by me. While watching skaters on TV, I see how fit they are I would go skating as a way of exercising and being with my friends at the same time. As I get older im getting fat, and because diabetes runs in my family I have to stay healthy. One big reason I want to skate is because I love winter. The clean white snow, icicles, snow ball fights, and skating. After skating my mom would be sitting on the sideline with the thermos full of hot chocolate. She would be cheering me on and teaching me what she knows. I feel that if I can teach myself to skate I can accomplish something for me. I would feel proud about learning something healthy by myself. Another reason is because as I am writing this I can see myself living my dream. If I do win the pair of skates I am going to practice everyday for the rest of my life so I can turn out to be the same as Natasha Richardson. Im sure all those pro skaters and Olympians out there started with a pair of skates. I only hope that someone out there will believe in my dreams, and also give me a pair of ice skates. I would do everything in my power to pass on the same gift to someone else when I get older. Another reason why I think I deserve a pair of ice skates is because threw these past years I always had my friends asking me if I would like to go ice skating with them in the winter but I would always have to say no. This year when Mr. Robinson said that we would have the chance to write a five hundred word essay on why we would like to have a pair of ice skates I said why not this is the chance ive been waiting for my whole life and maybe as you read this essay I might get the chance to actually have my own pair of ice skates. Well thank you for all of your time to read my essay on why I would like to have ice skates.

Sincerely, Niasha”

– Niasha, Class 72

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